9 Essentials Snowboard Gear Buying Guide

Choosing your snowboard gear will be fun, however, you should make sure that you are wearing the correct snowboard gear and are protected from head to toe with the essentials.

Below is a list of the basic snowboard gear you will require:

1. Snowboard Helmet

The head is naturally the most important part of the body that needs to be protected. While the rest of your body will need to be covered correctly, head injuries can be irreversible and, in many cases, deadly.

A helmet that fits you properly is the number one way to protect your head. The helmet should not be too snug or too loose. Don’t be tempted to choose your helmet according to the look. A less cool looking helmet might just happen to fit your head better.

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2. Snowboard Goggles

Goggles will protect your eyes, especially when you are flying at great speed down the slopes. Goggles should always be worn while snowboarding and it is worthwhile investing in a really good quality pair of goggles.

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3. Snowboard Jackets

You should be equipped with a suitable jacket for the climate where you will be snowboarding. If the weather is going to be exceptionally cold you should wear at least 2 shirts (preferably long sleeve) underneath your heavy-duty jacket. You could also wear an additional thinner jacket.

This may sound very hot and heavy; however, as you snowboard with the ice cold wind whipping around you, you will be thankful that you are wearing so many layers.

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4. Snowboard Gloves

Invest in a good pair of mittens or gloves. This will be a worthwhile investment in order to avoid your hands freezing. The gloves should be padded and waterproof.

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5. Snowboard Pants

The type of pants you wear on the slopes is really an individual choice. Some prefer loose-fitting breakers and others the tighter-fitting jeans. Either way, an investment in some long johns is highly suggested to keep the cold from biting at your legs.

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6. Snowboard Socks

Special types of socks are sold that are built to endure the cold and wet snow.

Though the socks may seem rather big, they should fit snugly around your feet. Thinner socks are better than thick ones as thick ones can cause sweaty feet, and wet, sweaty feet will become colder, faster.

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7. Snowboard Boots

Snowboard boots will be one of the most important parts of your snowboard purchase. Snowboard boots are even more important than the board. If your budget is limited then save money on other items and spend a little extra on the boots. The type of snowboard boots you purchase will depend on your style and on the terrain where you will be snowboarding.

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8. Snowboard

Get an experienced snowboarder to help you choose your board. Having the wrong type of snowboard on the mountains will ruin your snowboarding experience. Your choice of snowboard will depend on your style, weight, height and foot size.

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9. Bindings

A suitable binding will hold your boots so that your boots can flex but not move around freely. They should feel snug. You should choose the size of bindings according to the size of your boot.

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My 10 cents: Snowboard Wrist Guards

Wrist injuries are one of the most common snowboarding problems and one of the easiest to avoid. Choose between under the gloves wrist guards or gloves with protection but don’t ignore it especially for the beginner between us.

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